• Dutch Made

    Beautiful custom comfort beds, made with precision and an eye for detail.

  • # C O M F Y

    Contribute to an extra well-being boost for your pets.

Product Focus

  • Fall '19

    Easy to clean - each bed is washable and dryer resistant!

  • Personal

    Extra comfort - Ideal for pets who like to curl up!

  • Duurzaam

    Our bed is inspired by - a concept used by therapists to relieve pet anxiety!

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Ordered 07-08-2019 and received very quickly and I was surprised about the quality of the bed. nice and soft and still looks beautiful.

15-08-2019 for the first time ordered something on a comfy bed and since then I have bought a few more for some friends of mine and as a thank you I got a coupon worth € 100. Super customer service and all in all highly recommended!

27-08-2019 A message received from a good friend who had made a super good comfort animal bed, then finally arrived here and was super happy with my purchase. My wimmie is in it every day, it is so cozy

9-09-2019 I ordered a comfy bed and that went very well, they asked me to leave a review and they always treated me very nicely and I received my order very quick, always responded to my questions, top company!

11-09-2019 just ordered and it is really fantastic they are super cute and are nice, definitely recommended to have this winter!

13-09-2019 ordered comfy bed from comfy bed, fast delivery and good customer service. the product itself was of good quality and there was nothing to criticize.